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The Core

Realistically….. Women and Men lead busy hectic lives, if not freaky lives. In the midst of all this – we forget to look after ourselves.


Whether you are a female executive in the corporate world, the chief executive officer of your own home business, the full-time home-manager/stay-at-home mom in charge of your house-hold, or you have any other role, the daily grind can sometimes leave you feeling overworked, overwhelmed, and over-committed.


We, at The Nomadic Spalon offer flexible personal care and grooming services, much before salons open and much after they shut shop.


The Nomadic Spalon helps you avoid the maze of making and cancelling beauty appointments, take care of your tiny babies whilst getting your cuticles in order and getting pampering facials and massages – In the comfort of your home. Essence of The Nomadic Spalon’s existence has been to find a way to help you look and live beautiful all the time, at your time and at your convenience- in the comfort of your home!!!!


In a pursuit to craft an alluring impression, The Nomadic Spalon’s professionally trained Salonistas ensure that you feel pampered just like you do in a Spa or a salon . We create the spalon Ambience with fragrance, candles, welcome Drinks and spa music to help you relax – in the comfort of your home!!!! We leave your apartment just the way we found it – clean and like nothing ever happened.


Bridal Packages, Spa Parties, Corporate events, Gift Vouchers for Corporate and Special occasions, Hospital Care, pre and post pregnancy therapies are a few add on offers of The Nomadic Spalon.


The Nomadic Spalon is expecting you!!!!! Call us to experience our treatments and therapies and indulge in the luxuries of being pampered just like a celebrity without traffic signals, pollution or long waiting queues in the comfort of your homes….!!!!.

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