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Pedicure: Pamper your feet at Home

New Delhi: We shower our face with all our attention and thus our feet are often neglected. Unkempt feet can really bring your style quotient down a notch! And that is why you need to pamper your feet with regular pedicures. Sinking deep into a pedicure chair may be the ultimate act of pampering, but if you want well-groomed feet, you can get the same results in your home spa! Seema Nanda, Founder-The Nomadic Spalon, explains how to do pedicure feet at home.

Get started

The first rule is to get hold of all the material you are going to require for this pedicure. You need a big tub to soak your feet, hydrating foot massage cream or oil, pumice stone, \nail polish remover, filer, concealer brush, cotton balls, white nail polish, lotion, toe spacers and fresh towels. Assemble all of it so you won’t have to run about looking for things while you are in the middle of your pedicure.

Remove old nail polish

Use an acetone-free nail polish remover as using acetone might dry your toenails and cause them to crack or split at the edges. Dark, dramatic shades such as red and purple can stain nails yellow if you leave them on for more than two weeks.


Soak your feet for about 10 – 15 minutes in lukewarm water with a special foot soak, or added oils. This is not only relaxing, but will soften your feet for easier removal of dry and dead skin..

Smooth things over Removing your calluses regularly will help prevent build-up of thicker patches of skin and later even cracks. Do not use the scary razor tool altogether, as using it might lead to injuries and damage underlying areas of skin. Take a foot scraper or a pumice stone and scrape the dead skin off your heels.. Calluses and corns are hardened skin that can crack and hurt if they get too thick. Don’t go barefoot, either — it can cause calluses

Shape Up

The shape of the nail should mirror the cuticle‘s natural curve. Then file the edges smooth. If your toenails have a structure, you can use an emery board to even that out a little. If you want to get cuticles out of the way, don’t cut them, as this might injure them, rather push them back gently. Beware when cutting your nails as taking too much off can cause ingrown nails. So don‘t snip or file them more than a tiny bit down the side wall


Applying a special moisturiser will help to leave your feet feeling soft and smooth. Because the skin of the foot is much thicker than elsewhere on your body, you will need a product with effective moisturizing properties. Take a generous portion of the intense moisturizing cream and massage your feet with the cream till it is completely absorbed. If your feet feels dry, you can use some more cream to nourish the feet. Take a towel dipped in hot water and squeeze out the excess water. Wrap this towel around your feet for complete relaxation. The hot towel will act as a compress and relax your tired feet and also help to wipe away excess oil.

Nail it!

Swipe a basecoat on to prevent nail polish from discolouring your nails. Also, give your toenails a break from polish every now and then. Keeping them constantly painted may cause them to become discolored, especially when using dark shades of nail polish.

Paint away

Let the base coat dry for about ten minutes. Then follow with the colour you love. A good way to apply the colour is to paint three strips of polish, one up the center, then one on either side. After about ten minutes, paint on a second coat, and follow with a topcoat after another ten minutes.

Keep it up

Finished! Your feet will thank you. And with a little maintenance, you can make your pedicure go a long way. To prevent chipping, swipe on a topcoat twice a week.

About the Writer

Seema Nanda, Founder – The Nomadic Spalon – An exclusive personalized Spa & Salon service offered in the comfort of your space, time and convenience. She is a Spa Consultant and provides turn-key spa solutions to hotels & developers through her consultancy – Provado Spa Consultancy. She holds a Spa Management Certification from the prestigious Core Wellness Ltd. Mumbai. Bringing in an extensive experience of working with the finest chains of Hotel & Resort Spas in the country, leading conceptualizing and setting up spa centers across India, taking on hotel spa operational projects and training the finest team of professionals; she also hails from a family which has been into the Spa business since the past 35 years. Spending a lot of time learning about aroma oils and therapies, Seema has also been involved in running the family portfolio of Spa & Wellness before venturing into her own setup.

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